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Who We Are

Germany’s leading geostrategic and government affairs advisory firm

BGA brings you unrivalled leadership experience, seniority, trust and intellectual depth.

We’ve built an international team of more than 50 distinguished partners and advisors who together bring decades of high-level expertise and a successful track record in global politics, business, finance, economics, diplomacy, defense, security, intelligence and communications. 

We also work with trusted and vetted independent ‘best partner’ firms from all major markets who know the political agendas, key players and decision-making processes in the world’s power centers – from Berlin, Paris and London to Brussels, Washington, Moscow and Beijing. 

Rüdiger von Fritsch

We act as our clients' 'private foreign office', helping companies and investors around the globe with strategic advice, diplomatic coverage and troubleshooting, even in remote areas.

Rüdiger von Fritsch


Leah Yael Flam

Diligent and deep analysis is the foundation of a good strategy

Leah Yaël Flam

Associate Director

Eberhard Sandschneider

USA and China or USA vs. China? We help European companies navigate through this geostrategic dilemma.

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Sandschneider


Jürgen Chrobog

It’s great to be part of an organization that combines big picture thinking with hands-on, client-centred service

Jürgen Chrobog


Magnus Alexander Wied

In financial hubs like Frankfurt we thrive to act as a 'political investment bank' to navigate client opportunities at the intersection of business, markets and politics

Magnus Prinz zu Wied


Our Team

European Principal Group

The European Principal Group (EPG) is a group of principals from Europe’s most important capitals who each lead their own independent strategic consultancy. In 2019, they came together to pool their expertise and offer their clients one integrated service with European coverage.

Together, EPG’s principals provide the chief officers, boards and other senior leaders of major, often multinational organisations with the expert insight, analysis and advice they need to make key decisions and plan successful long-term strategies.

BGA initiated and built the group from the start to offer our clients a comprehensive pan-European service.

You can find out more about EPG here.