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Berlin Global Advisors

Berlin Global Advisors (BGA) provides geopolitical risk & investment advisory services to financial investors and corporate clients.


We help asset managers, boards and executives navigate an increasingly complex world as unprecedented global political and regulatory uncertainties impact strategic planning, trade, mergers & acquisitions, foreign direct investments, IPOs, equities, bonds, commodities and currencies.

Our focus is on international deal intelligence & advisory where BGA can best leverage what clients call “a private Foreign Service run by investment bankers”.

BGA’s SEEHITT (Security, Energy, Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Transport & Technology) model is geared towards sectors where global politics and policy making play a crucial role.

We deliver our services through our institutionalized platform that we have built over 15 years:

  • BGA Partners located in Berlin, London and New York bring their experience from asset management, merchant & investment banking, business consulting and strategic communications.
  • They work hand-in-hand with a group of 30 BGA Advisors  who have held key positions in diplomacy, government, military, think tanks and regulatory bodies in Europe, the U.S., Asia and Africa and curate bespoke teams for each individual client situation.
  • In addition, we are supported by 200 BGA Associates, vetted policy, public affairs and regulatory experts in all major markets. 

We think like investors, work like diplomats and act as entrepreneurs.
Our mission: Help clients generate Political Alpha

Berlin Global Advisors

Reasons clients hire BGA

  • Understand geopolitical risks to businesses and investments in an increasingly uncertain and multi-polar world
  • Reduce external risks in M&A, Foreign Direct Investments, international joint ventures or IPOs
  • Navigate political and regulatory risks impacting equity, credit, currency and commodities markets
  • Integrate international political risk management into business operations to protect value chains
  • Defend business interests in Berlin, Brussels, Washington, Beijing and other G20 capitals
  • Comply with increasing demand from financial markets and authorities to manage political risks proactively
  • Stay on top of Environmental, Social & Governance policies as ESG will become a driving force for institutional investment strategies
  • Gain access to Germany as the largest EU economy and Berlin emerging as “the new Washington”


Political Due Diligence

  • International trade & investment policy: tariffs, sanctions, export controls, FDI screening, embargoes
  • M&A: political factors influencing approval by governments, EU Commission, DoJ/CFIUS.
  • Regulatory risks: energy, transport, finance (banks/insurance/FinTech), infrastructure, healthcare, real estate
  • Cyber threats and risks assessments
  • Macro policy: Euro area, U.S., China
  • German Policy: EU reform, Macron/Merkel, Berlin’s position on Italy, Greece, Transatlantic Relations, financial regulation, fiscal policy, budget, labour laws etc.
  • Scenarios and strategic foresight on long term issues and developments

Private Diplomacy

  • Deal Advisory: Provide support for clients engaged in direct investments, equity, debt, distressed, M&A, activist situations
  • Trade: Access to decision-makers, institutions, alliance building
  • Crisis Support: Negotiations with governments and authorities; mediation & conflict resolution
  • Business development: Identification of investment opportunities, bid support with public tenders, working with governments
  • ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance): Advising asset managers and boards on corporate governance and long term shareholder value.
  • Strategic Positioning: Meeting programs, curated events, outreach.

Geopolitical Risk Analysis

BGA provides analysis and foresight on the most critical geopolitical risks to investors & business summarized below

  • Trade Wars
  • FDI Restrictions
  • Cyber Attacks
  • Terrorism
  • Energy Security
  • Protectionism
  • Major Power Conflict
  • „America First“
  • Protectionism
  • Tariffs on imports
  • “National Interests” in FDI and merger approval
  • Sanction policies
  • U.S.-China relations
  • Brexit
  • Stricter FDI rules
  • Turkey
  • Italian banks
  • Rising populism
  • Conflict between Saudi-Arabia and Iran
  • War Syria and Iraq
  • Instability in Egypt, Algeria, North Africa
  • Islamic State
  • Conflict with Ukraine
  • NATO tensions
  • Energy security
  • Caucasus
  • Cyber / hybrid warfare
  • Internal stability
  • One Belt, One Road power projection
  • South China Sea
  • National champion policy
  • Hunt for resources
  • Digital surveillance
  • Nuclear threat to South Korea
  • Global value chain implications