Government & Public Affairs

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We help you promote your interests among political decision makers at the EU institutions in Brussels, in Berlin, Paris, London, Warsaw and all other European capitals, as well as in the U.S. from our New York office.

We cover the politics and regulations that impact on our clients, with particular expertise on energy and renewables, financial services, technology and defense. We typically help our clients with issues such as market entry, growth and exit; stakeholder engagement; partner identification and vetting; CEO positioning, reputation management and thought leadership.

Political due diligence


  • Examine what could impact on deals or business models for companies in market entry, growth and exit situations
  • Analyze the political environment and potential political, regulatory, societal and reputational risks

Stakeholder and issue management


  • Identify relevant stakeholders, their positions and interests
  • Provide an early warning system for public issues
  • Monitor and analyze the implications of media, regulatory and political initiatives
  • Identify relevant government procurement, state funding and state aid

Strategic positioning


  • Develop and communicate your position, arguments and narratives
  • Foster alliances with like-minded stakeholders to add weight to your position
  • Link with founding associations and networks
  • Position your organization and C-suite team to best advantage



  • Organize conversations and outreach programs
  • Prepare communications with decision makers about existing or potential legislation and urge a vote for or against
  • Organize and curate events
  • Place articles in key media