CEO- & Boardroom Advisory: Get Ready for 2030

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Building on our work on geopolitics, global dynamics and macro trends, we apply a five-step approach to help clients adjust and transform their business model to this new global environment over the running decade and beyond.

1. Geopolitics and global dynamics: mapping the world in 2025 and 2030

We explore:

  • Geostrategic paradigm shifts
  • Mega-drivers, trends and scenarios
  • Geopolitics, sustainability and technology (GST)

Key issues for 2023 include:

  • Outlook for major power relations
  • Degobalisation and fragmentation
  • U.S. – China rivalry and Taiwan scenarios
  • Scenarios for the war in Ukraine
  • Conflict with Iran over nuclear, tensions in the Middle East
  • Outlook for global energy crisis, including scramble for rare earths and energy supplies
  • Inflation, tightening monetary policy, rising debt, slowing economic growth globally
  • Transatlantic relations amid industrial policy bid (IRA / EU response) and war in Ukraine
  • Asian dynamics: RCEP, Digitial Silk Road, South China Sea

2. Analyzing business implications: deep dives

We carry out an industry- and company-specific impact analysis and then ask:

  • What are the opportunities arising?
  • What are the risks to manage?
  • How could markets, production and value chains be impacted?
  • How could the balance sheet and company value be impacted?

3. Strategic response, transformation and change advisory

In an interactive approach we:

  • Explore how your company should react and adapt
  • Take deep dives into individual questions, both macro and micro
  • Act as your strategic sparring partner to help your CEO and senior management team master the transformation
  • Help you get your business ready for 2025

4. Co-financing the transformation with public funding

To help co-finance the transformation process, we identify and help you to potentially benefit from public funding.

  • Huge public funding programs are available in the European Union and Germany for investments in innovation, new technologies, green processes, digital transformation and others 
  • We work with you to potentially benefit from these programs in the short, medium and long term

5. Telling the change story:  communications

We develop and write:

  • Internal communications that give management and staff a new vision
  • Corporate communication strategies that reposition the company vis- à-vis its relevant stakeholders
  • CEO communications that position the CEO as strategic mastermind and thought leader
  • Investor communications that tailor the right storyline for the capital markets