Geopolitics & Global Dynamics

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International companies, investors and organisations face a new world order shaped by unprecedented dynamics and risks that impact on business models, investment planning, the P&L, markets and operations. Today’s leaders must steer their organizations and keep control against the backdrop of this volatile environment.

We can support you in this task. Through our engagement with more than 50 experts and advisors around the globe, and our exchanges with leading think tanks and key opinion leaders, we anticipate, interpret and prioritize key geopolitical and macro dynamics.

We conduct foresight scenario planning exercises, carry out studies (such as the BGA-MAP-KPMG study, THE FUTURE OF THE EUROPEAN BANKING SECTOR: What comes after COVID-19?) and deliver tailor-made executive briefings.

Our Geopolitics as a Service model caters to sophisticated clients looking for a second opinion and organizations without the in-house capacities to cover the key macro issues of our time and their impact on companies with global footprint.

We explore:

  • Geostrategic paradigm shifts
  • Mega-drivers, trends and scenarios
  • Geopolitics, sustainability and technology (GST)

Key issues for 2021 include:

  • The Biden agenda
  • US New Green Deal
  • U.S. – China decoupling
  • Transatlantic relations revived?
  • Global fragmentation vs. the return of multilateralism?
  • China 2025 strategy / China´s 14th five-year plan
  • Asian dynamics: RCEP, Digital Silk Road, tensions in South China Sea
  • Next generation EU
  • EU Green Deal and ESG  
  • Public funding programs for innovation and transformation
  • Corona stimulus packages around the world – fiscal and monetary (Central Bank responses)
  • Technology advances around AI, big data and quantum computing
  • Technological & digital sovereignty and digital governance
  • New regulation regimes in digital and technology, climate and ESG
  • Geotech, technology wars and cyber security