MSC Review and Geopolitical Outlook 2024

Lose-Lose – that is the title of this year’s Munich Security Report, the flagship publication of the Munich Security Conference which concluded on Sunday.

In our Geopolitical Outlook, we summarize our observations from this year’s MSC and assess the most relevant geopolitical developments for 2024.

Our key takeaways:

  • European leaders at the MSC made lots of statements on what needs to be done, but showed no clear path towards stepping up support for Ukraine or boosting European defense.
  • The US continued to push for a regional deal in which Israel and Saudi Arabia establish official rela tions; whilst Saudi Arabia remains strongly supportive, there are so far no signs of Israel and Hamas coming closer to even a cease-fire.
  • Sino-US tensions have recently stabilized on the back of deliberate
    diplomatic efforts, but continue to be prone to escalation.
  • At the onset of a global “super-election year,” governments and the private sector are working to increase resilience against (AI-powered) disinformation campaigns, ranked by the World Economic Forum as the number one threat for 2024.

Read our Geopolitics Outlook here: BGA Geopolitical Risk Outlook

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Martin Wiesmann | Dr. Arndt Freytag von LoringhovenMoritz Luetgerath | Matthäus Gemmingen