“Confrontation or Cooperation?” – Keynote Speech by Managing Partner Martin Wiesmann

Martin Wiesmann at Nord/LB

BGA Managing Partner Martin Wiesmann spoke alongside former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joschka Fischer, and Jan Berger,
Managing Director of Themis Foresight, at this year’s NordLB Capital Market Conference.

In his keynote “Confrontation or Cooperation? Great power competition in the age of geoeconomics”, Martin discussed the key challenges for business and investors of the new world order:

>The dissolution of the liberal rules based order started way before the Russian War against Ukraine.

>The central conflict of this new international environment is the power struggle between the US and China. It is predominately driven by geoeconomic means of coercion, but carries significant risks of military escalation.

> Whilst some core dependencies like in the monetary system will persist, the US-China conflict drives lasting changes in the structure of globalisation.

> The global macro outlook depends to a large degree on the ability of the US and China to stabilise their relationship.