BGA Global Brief: Franco-German Partnership

Reshaping Europe’s Security and Defense Structures – Opportunities for Investors and Markets Download the full Global Brief Berlin Global Advisors (BGA) provides geopolitical risk and investment advisory services to financial investors and corporate clients. The BGA Global Brief is a product we’ve created to keep our clients informed on high level policy issues. This service …

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BGA Partner Ben Hodges featured on ZDF

BGA Partner Ben Hodges was featured on Maybrit Illner’s television panel titled “Schutzmacht ade – muss Europa aufrüsten?” (“Goodbye protective power – should Europe upgrade?”) on ZDF.  Also participating on the panel was German Minister of Defense Ursula Von der Leyen, former German Minister of Economics Oskar Lafontaine, Wolfgang Ischinger, the former German Ambassador to …

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BGA Partner Ben Hodges’ op-ed on Trump’s approach at NATO in NPR

BGA Partner Ben Hodges produced an opinion piece published in NPR’s blog following the latest NATO Summit in Brussels. Ben gives his first hand account of US President Donald Trump’s “wrecking ball” approach to the summit as well his efforts to alienate some of the US’ most dependable allies, namely Germany, over increased defense spending. …

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BGA Cable: US-German relations

Click to download PDF-Version The Situation Chancellor Merkel’s forthcoming visit to Washington this week, on the heels of President Macron, will focus on enforcing a permanent suspension of steel tariffs for the EU. However, this trip will be challenging as the relationship between Trump and Merkel is not characterized by a lot of sympathy. The …

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